Thoughts …

So. Darker mornings. Bit colder. Sitting here on the train. The clouds are making funny shapes up there. There’s a couple of planes – could be taking people off to sunnier climes.
But no … I’m sitting on this train. Fluorescent bike man to my right doing his best to melt my eyeballs. People who clearly live in barns – you do know there’s a button to close the f**king doors too don’t you?
Yes of course your bag is a fare-paying passenger. Silly b***h!
And stop with the b****y sniffing!
Doing all this offline at the moment as there is no o2 signal here. No 2G, not even an o2 pigeon.
Jeez it’s been a long time since I posted on here. As soon as I leave the o2 darkside I’ll find a picture to post.  Darkside … now there was an amazing TV show. Garth Marenghi. I have the DVDs somewhere. You really should check it out. I think I’ll find you a picture soon.


South Woodham Ferrers 🙂
Why can’t we have the ‘chicken legs’ upholstery on our trains Greater Anglia? Why do we get the green with assorted microbes or the dark green with random lines?
18 minutes this has taken now. Now 19 …
I think I have something else to do now.  Candy Crush!


It’s been a while …

So … what’s been happening?

Got a promotion at work … go me!

Greater Anglia appear to be able to run a half-decent service … go them!

Manchester United will undoubtedly get a third half in their game this weekend … which is fine as they’ll be getting no points!

That’s it … over and out!

Mondaystuffz …


Sooooo it’s very nearly the end of Monday. It’s been a good one.

My train this morning was late. My train tonight was late. Hell … all of my trains in 2014 have been late so far!

Just about to start day 2 of my ‘Dead in 30 days’ challenge.

Oh yeah … the stubble feels good. No more cold face early in the morning lol

Let’s find you a picture. Here goes …