Sundae … yum

First this …


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So what’s been happening?

I’ve done another 5km run today. Pretty much the same time as last week but with a slightly slower pace but less walking. I’m doing a run for Great Ormond Street in June this year. Feel free to sponsor me at

Today is also the day we’ll be taking all three points from Old Trafford hopefully. Whatever happens it’s always a good game but who really wants Man Ure to win anyway?

Totally unlike me but here’s a serious part. Looking at another blog it just opens your eyes a bit. Go see I don’t know much about how mental illness affects people. Probably more ignorance on my part as it’s not always something you can see. By reading this young lady’s blog you get a feel for how it does affect people. There’s also a girl I work with who suffers with something similar. I had no idea until we had a chat on Facebook the other night. What I’m trying to say is that there is help out there so don’t be afraid to ask; just as much as if you can see someone struggling with it . . please don’t ignore it. Hope you don’t mind me telling others about your blog Gemma.

Thanks for reading 🙂