Tuesday … from the train

On the train/sardine can. Taller than most people so I don’t have to sniff anyone’s armpits lol

Spent lots of time with my team at work today. Sometimes it hurts being this amazing 🙂

So yeah … another good day!
Did anyone see where I parked my dolphin?

Here’s today’s picture:


Mondaystuffz …


Sooooo it’s very nearly the end of Monday. It’s been a good one.

My train this morning was late. My train tonight was late. Hell … all of my trains in 2014 have been late so far!

Just about to start day 2 of my ‘Dead in 30 days’ challenge.

Oh yeah … the stubble feels good. No more cold face early in the morning lol

Let’s find you a picture. Here goes …


Lotz of stuffz …

Happy Sunday!

Soooo today …

Washed the car, cleaned the bathroom, found a fitness routine to try.

And later I’ll be mainly cutting my hair and playing with my new stubble trimmer. The decisions … 0.4mm or 5mm stubble … or somewhere in between. Think I’ll start off with longer stubble and see how it looks. Easier to take hair off than to add it. You only need to look at the top of my head to see that lol

Here’s the fitness routine I’m going to attempt. Looks quite intense the further you get into it and undoubtedly I will struggle. Wish me luck:


Outta here!

Here we go again …

Soooo … I had one of these before. It was crap. So here’s more crappiness!

I’m going to post randomness and other silly stuff. You’re welcome to read this. You’re welcome to go and put the kettle on and hope that this blog is gone when you come back – you know, like you do with the adverts on TV. It won’t … well not unless you close the page.

Here’s a picture: