Live blogging with @greateranglia …

At Stratford. Will the 1732 be on time? Waits …

Quel surprise! No … Left one minute late. No real issue there.

Some tw*t has put one of those fold-up bikes right by the door. Seriously! You have a bike! You have wheels! You don’t need a train!

I’m going to start looking for today’s picture between stations.

There’s some guy sitting over there with a Doctor Who scarf on. Clown!

Had another really good day at work. I already love my job but lately it’s been better than that. Back to the train …

It’s dark outside. I think we’re coming up to Ilford. Ha! Right again!

Whoa there! Don’t waste that bogey. If you’re going to pick it then eat it – don’t throw it on the floor.

Putting the pic in now …


Knew you’d like that one 🙂

Just going past Romford dog track. Need to go back there. It’s been aaaaages!

Wonder if we’ll get to Wickford on time? Probably not lol

Time for another pic …


*waves to the M25 as he goes over it* Not once has it ever waved back. Miserable f**ker!

And now we approach Essex, land of Bas Vegas and previously Hollywoods, home of orange girls and white stilettos plus all the Sharons and Tracys. Now we’ll see if anyone is actually reading this …

Shenfield … the pub by the mini-roundabout, the Eagle on the main road, the walk between the two laden with saveloys and chips. I will be doing that again on the 31st.

Heading towards Billericay now … away from the webbed feet and six-fingered hands of North Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. That’s gotta provoke a comment or two surely? Having said that we all know that Billericay is just a part of Basildon lol

I’ll probably post this when I get home. O2 seem think that it’s OK to plug 4G when most of my area doesn’t even get 2G. It really does irritate the f**k outta me lol

I think Doctor Who is falling asleep …

I’m standing in the way of the doors. I suggest the people of Wickford and South Woodham Ferrers are nice to me if they want to get off the train.

I could say what I wanted right now … none of you are reading this. If you are then add a comment to this post saying ‘Yoda stole my bowl of custard’. Just curious. Not really expecting a response.

I’m going to go stand next to the origami bicycle … Mainly because I just farted where I’m currently standing haha

Ok. We should leave Wickford at 1800. I have to say it does look promising 🙂

Day 4 of my 30 day challenge today. Let’s hope I don’t damage my knee any more!

1758 … Arrived at Wickford. Lots of freaky looking people getting on. I guess they must be locals!

Amazing … but we left a minute early. Slapped wrists Greater Anglia or whatever you’re calling yourselves today. I’m sure you’ll tell us your trains never leave early; I’m still in shock myself lol

Should get a seat in a few minutes when the Woodham massive oozes out of the train. Just in time to enter the o2 twilight zone. Cue the music …

I could publish this now and then update it later. Ok … If you insist!

Get orffff my train!

That’s better 🙂

Now entering the land of a thousand banjos. If you put your ear to the train floor you can hear them. Really you can!

Now the big question! Will the other train already be next to us at North Fambridge or will we have to wait? Duh duh duuuuuh!

If my wife is reading this can you text me and let me know what’s for dinner please? Thanks 🙂 x

The stitching is coming undone … bloody hell, the other train is there! … on my trousers. That’s not good lol

There’s a little pocket of o2 airspace coming up. Woohoo! The rest will have to wait til I’m on WiFi at home!

Sooooo we got held up a little at Burnham on Crouch. A passenger took a tumble on the platform and the driver got out to check they were ok. He then apologised for the delay and explained what happened. Just shows that great customer service is displayed by many Greater Anglia staff … just not the company overall.

Oops! Looks like this may have posted a few times. I’ll delete the extra ones as I poo …